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GE-WY Neatsfoot Oil - Australian made GE-WY fully refined Neatsfoot Oil nourishes new and old saddlery leather without the oily, greasy feeling.


Used in conjunction with GE-WY’s leather care range of products, GE-WY’s Neatsfoot Oil will have your leather feeling pliable and soft new again.


GE-WY’s range of leather products help you maintain your leather gear in quality condition. DIRECTIONS: Wipe off dirt and built up grime with a damp cloth. Spray GE-WY Neatsfoot Oil onto leather item and wipe the oil evenly across the surface with a clean cloth. Allow to penetrate. Buff off excess oil. Do not use on suede, nubuck or aniline leathers. Always test application on inconspicuous area before using it broadly, to assure desired results.

GE-WY 500mL - Neatsfoot Oil

  • Shipping is flat fee $10 per can domestically which includes tracking email. For larger orders or shipping overseas, please email with your requirements and we will put together a quote for you.

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