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"For years Ge-Wy was the only product we used to preserve our saddlery and leather gear and I must say it has been sorely missed since since it became no longer available on the market. I tried the re-released GE-WY and coming from Singleton and growing up with GE-WY, I must say I am extremely happy with it, the bridles and the saddles came up like new and are really ultra soft. Really look forward to seeing GE-WY back on the shelves once again as it is the only product I will be using"

Cheers Brad McNamara

Thanks Brad, It is great to see you doing so well with your horses. Definitely a passion for you. Thanks for the testimonial and for using GE-WY

Regards GE-WY


"Good stuff the GE-WY ! Kept my race leathers going for fifty plus years. Last time I went shopping for some I couldn't find it. I first started using GE-WY was in the sixties when a bloke from dancing class told me he made it. In the days when the tracks were oiled dirt it would float the oily mud out. Great to see it back on the market once again.

Wally Cox (legend dirt track racer)

Thanks Wally, Will catch up soon with a new can for you to keep those race leathers going for another 50 years

Regards GE-WY


This stuff is magic it softened my bought in 1960s jacket that has great sentimental value to me

James Hines

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