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The making of GE-WY

Thank you for taking the time to read the processes of GE-WY

GE-WY leather dressing established in 1945 by the late George Wyatt has the reputation as one of the finest leather preservatives on the market and gained a reputation as being a great Australian made product. GE-WY is made with the original recipe used by the Wyatt family for over 70 years.

Everything from start to finish in the manufacture and selling is completed by one individual, Ross Merrick.

With his little mate Cyrus (not the Billy Ray Cyrus type, more so the Con Air Cyrus) overseeing the production process daily, all facets of the business are undertaken by Ross from the initial ordering of raw products and packaging to the final product you see delivered on the shelf.

From start to finish, Ross mixes all of the ingredients through a series of cooking and mixing processes, filling, capping and labeling all the cans personally. Cans are then packed specifically to customer and distributors orders starting to generate all over Australia.

Ross also being his own sales rep also spends countless hours on the road and although this can be a very time costly exercise, it is also a very rewarding one getting to briefly meet up with store owners and managers so this way, you always get to speak to the owner.

Ross, keeps chipping away throughout the daily grind to bring you the best leather dressing your your leather ever had.

If you would like to buy GE-WY, please check out our retail outlets under our website or buy direct from the website and we will ship it out to you the same day.

We are always looking for retailers of this great product so if you would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to call Ross on 02 49674130 and we can discuss your needs

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